C & S Sand Boas

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Welcome to C & S Sand Boas!   Proud Canadian Sand Boa Breeders! 

Updated: November 5, 2016

My SPLASH genetics are here in Canada....FINALLY!! Can't wait to pair these little beauties!

2015 Babies Still Available!

I have belle albino and normal hets still available.


Here at C & S Sand Boas, we aim to grow the awareness about this cool little snake and strive to help people find the perfect pet. Highly underrated and not a common as they should be, the Kenyan Sand boa is an amazing 'first time snake owner' snake! Their typically docile nature, small size, and unique beauty make them a real nice snake to own and care for. The majority of Kenyans can easily be fed prekilled, frozen rodents which makes it easy for the pet owner to access, buy and store food convieniently. Kenyan Sand Boas need little room and a 10 gallon aquarium will do any adult male fine it's entire life (with females being larger and needing a bit more room.

With more colour morphs showing up every year, I predict that the Sand Boa craze is just beginning and in due time, everyone is going to want one of these little beauties.

Please take a few minutes and have a look at our little collection. In the coming few years we will be adding all the lastest morphs to  the collection that we can. Feel free to conact us with and questions about our sand boas.